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Argyll Asset Management Ltd

Hillington Business Centre

15 - 17 Nasmyth Road South

Hillington Park


G52 4RE


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Registered Address: 15-17 Nasmyth Road South, Glasgow G52 4RE

Registered in Scotland | Company Number: SC457690

About Us...

The Team...

Argyll Asset Management, based in Glasgow are specialist asset managers providing development and asset management advice across a broad range of commercial property types .


Between them David Rolwegan and Blair McKellar have almost 50 years experience in the commercial property sector whilst Robert Paterson has additional experience as an auctioneer and valuer along with running his own businesses.


Blair worked with Gerald Eve for 13 years and was then Managing Director of Airlink Group for 5 years running its property portfolio, self storage and off airport car parking operations. David on the other hand worked with Ashtenne for 4 years as an Asset Manager for half of its Scottish portfolio of industrial properties before joining CBRE as head of industrial agency for Scotland, where he has been for the last 9 years. Robert has 30 years experience running his own companies, including Paterson Data, a records management company providing services to major companies, including banking groups, insurance companies and leading lawyers. Robert sold Paterson Data in 2011 to Restore PLC and began to concentrate on property.


The Team have built a reputation of providing innovative asset and property management, sales and leasing advice for properties, requiring a pro active hands on approach that also needs the application of an open mind and thinking out of the box approach. We have successfully worked on property turn arounds resulting in delivering the full potential and maximising returns in investments under our management.


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